Harajuku Fashion!


Insane aesthetics coupled with goddess fashion styles the Harajuku girls is my newest infatuation!! I love everything about them!! The Harajuku look is just totally mind-blowing!!!If you never heard about it Harajuku fashion is a rad colossal Tokyo fashion style of Harajuku girls that is absolutely outrageously bizarre. Originating in the street culture of major cities of Japan Harajuku is a hot youth fashion trend that has BLOWN MY MIND!!


Enriched with a range of diverse fashion styles with a combined creative use of colour, fabrics, acceccories and imagination ‘Harajuku’ has given fashion lovers a new outrageous fashion style to explore.

Harajuku is the epitome of fabulousness and being fashion fabulous in a crowd is what they do best. Harajuku Fashion can do it for you too if you let it!!!

If you’re looking for that extra boost to your look ‘Harajuku style’ is what’s been missing. Whether you want to know about striking make-up, wicked hair styles, elaborate trendy costumes or any fashion aspect Harajuku is perfect to find out (look at their pictures for ideas). For a preview of cute Tokyo girls in Harajuku fashion and the full article click here!!!

It seems that lately quite a few people have been coming in and asking me how to design on Springleap
I’m getting the feeling that people think they can actually design elaborate t-shirt designs whilst actually surfing the site.

When we were running the Markham’s competition a while back you were able to manipulate given design elements in order to create a design for this particular competition.

However, there is no way on God’s green Earth that you will be able to design a t-shirt of the winning calibre, with just a simple online design program…well nearly impossible.

So, when the question is asked about how to design a t-shirt for the Springleap competition, the answer is creating original design by using your own skill and a computer program of considerable merit.


We at Springleap recommend that you use Photoshop, Freehand or Illustrator in order to create a winning design. If you don’t know how to use these programs, its best to talk to somebody who does.

Hey it can be a collaboration of sorts….that just means sharing the prize hehe.
If you can sketch the design and get it scanned, you can then open that file in your program of choice and prepare it for us.

When you submit your design we require that your image is placed on a large image, so that people can see your design fully, a thumbnail which we can use in various instances (such as comments) and finally your design placed on our own Springleap design template.

The template is ultra important when submitting your design. You must ensure that you download the proper template for the design program you will be using.

This is vital in how to design with Springleap, because people who are voting need to be able to visualise your design on a t-shirt as well as the colour and placement.

I can’t tell you how many competitions have been won or lost because of the choice of t-shirt colour and placement. It can truly make or break your design.

Now that you have an idea of how to design, all you need to do is put on your thinking cap and get creative.

Gladiator Sandals 2009

I can’t believe it has been pretty much an entire year since I first wrote about the gladiator sandal trend that was sweeping the fashion world in 2008. In my, obviously “inept opinion” I was wrong about these sandals taking off as well as they did and they ending up still being on the list of summer fashion list of do’s.

Seriously, I still don’t see the appeal. In 90% of the cases I actually think it makes a lady look worse than when she started.

As the summer days slowly creep back into Cape Town I began to see the gladiator sandals from last season being dragged from the back of the closet, dusted off and reintroduced with the rest of the hot Spring/Summer fashions. Will the gladiator sandal become the next enduring summer footwear fashion for ladies? I shudder to think that the lines will begin to blur and some “brave” men start to try and pull this trend off. Please guys this one was buried with the rest of Classic Rome for a good reason. I don’t care if you think you look like some kind of sword swinging Roman legionnaire…this fashion trend will at best make you look like Socrates..and we all know which way he swung LOL.

When the gladiator sandals started coming out again, I thought it was because girls had just not bought their new fashion for the season yet. However, I went online to check out the new trends and I saw that the gladiator sandals were included on the Spring/Summer 2009 lists. I got a nice big kick in the bum confirmation, that indeed they were back in full swing.

Ok ladies that is an entire year on the gladiator sandal survivor list, how much longer will it endure, how much more ugliness can you handle. Seriously unless you are one of those ladies who has legs that go on for miles, you will just make yourself look shorter and plumper. Do you want us guys to say, “hey there goes a cute dainty girl”….or would you prefer, “hey is that girl going off to fight in the arena?”

Yep once again a “fashion trend” (if you want to call it that) from the far reaches of human history has made a comeback.

This time the “blast form the past” that has been resurrected is a style of footwear that was used way back when Caesar was being stabbed in the back by his best friend.

Citizens of the republic, I give you….the gladiator sandal.

The heavily strapped and stylized gladiator sandal has indeed come back from the grave, at first I thought it was a joke, that was until I watched last week’s Top Billing and saw a segment on the up-coming summer seasons “must haves” for the beach.

Gladiator sandals have made a huge comeback and can be found in anything from traditional leather to plastic gum styles…I even saw a pair of green snake skin-esque gladiator sandals on some poor fashion victim this weekend.

As far as my opinion on gladiator sandals goes, I won’t beat around the bush, I think they are ugly and a fashion trend that should stay dead and buried in the necropolis.

It amazes me at how eager people are to follow this trend.

However it has girls doing cartwheels and going gaga, so hey, let’s just leave them to it and laugh from the shadows.
Looking at the models on Top Billing that were sporting the gladiator sandals I can say that they looked “ok”…granted, each of these girls had a pair of legs to rival Aphrodite herself and you must bear in mind that if these sandals were on a short or maybe chubby girl she would either look like a peasant or maybe more like good ol’ Maximus.

The gladiator sandal is supposedly very versatile for the summer months and can not only be worn to the beach but all around town, as well as around the braai in the warm evenings.

As I mentioned earlier the materials used are of a huge variety, which means no matter what your age or disposition, you will surely be able to find a pair of gladiator sandals to match your personal vibe.

Guys…do yourself a favour and stay well away from gladiator sandals…this one if for the ladies, even if the trend started out all those hundreds of years ago with the men it doesn’t mean that you can get away with it.
Unless you actually come from the Mediterranean Basin or are involved with a cultural activity, please, leave it to the girls, ok dudes!

Here’s a quick link to some of the more expensive gladiator sandals around, yep the prices are in dollars so smack a nice recession style x10 on the price and you will see the maddening price of these things…which are in some opinions glorified slip slops. CLICK HERE.

So what’s your opinion on gladiator sandals, should they be left to the Romans, or do you think I’ve gone mad and that these sandals are a trend that is going to stick around?
Personally I don’t see this trend lasting more than a season…but hey I have been wrong before.